Best Phones – The Oppo F19 Pro


The Oppo F19 Pro is an impressive smartphone with advanced camera functionality to enable you to capture the best of any moment at all in its majestic glory. This smartphone has a high-resolution 8 mega-pixels camera with built-in image processing technology. It also comes equipped with features that allow it to upload your pictures straight to your Google+ account, Facebook, Twitter, or other online service providers. The Oppo F19 Pro has a dual LED flash, which means that it can shoot in good quality even in low light conditions. It also comes with automatic noise reduction for better pictures under low-light conditions. For a quick mobile-based computing experience, it’s powered by a MediaTek Helio PME processor and 8GB of memory. f19 pro

The Oppo F19 Pro has a unique dual screen feature that allows you to take advantage of both the phone’s major functions at the same time. On one side, there’s the on-screen dialer, while on the other side you’ll find dedicated home button and menu options for the camera. The Oppo F19 Pro’s big strength lies in its connectivity features, especially when it comes to cellular connectivity. It provides support for CDMA, GSM, UMTS, TDMA, and HSDPA networks – giving it the widest range of connectivity options available on a smartphone today. In fact, the Oppo F19 Pro is one of the few phones that run on the entire GSM and CDMA standards, along with HSDPA.

The Oppo F19 Pro has a unique dual-view video camera that can capture two images in one snap – enabling you to take a video with high picture quality even in low light situations. When paired with the smartphone, this handy device doubles as a high-quality still camera, as well. The front and back cameras have optical image stabilizers to minimize movement during recording, so you can get crystal clear images all the way through. Plus, you can also enjoy the panoramic shots you can take with the F19’s built-in Image Stabilizer.

A big reason why many people prefer the Oppo F19 Pro instead of other smartphones is its cutting edge camera set up. With a relatively small size, the F19 Pro’s camera is surprisingly capable of taking high quality pictures even with its small size. It comes equipped with both digital and manual lens, meaning that you can take pictures in manual mode with the push of a button. The built-in OLP pixel detector can also reduce the noise in some photos.

This cutting edge smartphone from Oppo is also packed with cool and useful features. For example, the front camera has a built-in OLP image stabilizer to minimize the camera shake when you’re taking a photo in dimly-lit conditions. Meanwhile, the phone’s dual-core processor can make multitasking much easier, allowing you to check your email while you walk to the store to catch the late night bus. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep up with their social media updates on the go, the Oppo F19 Pro allows you to do so with ease, thanks to the Front Camera app, which allows you to post photos from your smartphone or mobile device to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon with just the press of a button.

Despite being a relatively large smartphone, the Oppo F19 Pro doesn’t sacrifice looks for performance. With a 5.5-inch screen and a sharp curved display, the F19 Pro manages to fit into any bag but its slim body. With a spacious memory card tray and an easy-to-use interface, the Oppo F19 Pro makes using it as simple as possible.

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